Our Story

In 2020, we made the decision as a family to focus on holistic wellness to best navigate the global pandemic. We also wanted to live our lives well by helping others do so through encouragement and hope—offering them resources for their own wellness journeys.

Over the past two years, we have used our podcasts, blogs, and other vehicles to spread uplifting messages that promote physical health—as well as emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Our journey was an interesting one. Along the way, we have learned important lessons and grown deeper in our commitment to holistic wellness — as individuals and as a family. And because of this desire, it is only natural that we would want to support others on their journey to greater wellness.

So why does GSMovement exist? Because a well-balanced individual contributes to a well-balanced society. At a time when you can barely turn on the news without hearing about chaos, violence, and various other troubles, it becomes all too easy for us to lose sight of our purpose:  to live with the intention of making this world a better place than we found it—for ourselves and also for others. So how do we do this? By living with intention, taking responsibility for our actions, and being mindful of the impact we have on others.

Embracing GSMovement is about making a commitment to your holistic wellness so you can be an even better person in your community.

The GSMovement is shorthand for the “Get Sanity” movement; we all need more sanity in our lives and in our world. The key to sanity begins with recognizing opportunities to increase holistic wellness: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Our goal is to help people lead healthier lives—and now we are inviting you to join us. By spreading the word about wellness and inspiring others to make it a priority in their daily lives, we hope that everyone will have an easier time staying active and accomplishing the goals they set out for themselves.

Together, we can make a difference for ourselves, our families, and our communities.